The Twelve Scriptures Project

Published: March 22nd, 2012, Posted by: Mennonite Church USA

In this two-minute video, Terry Shue, director of leadership development, shares about a new initiative, the Twelve Scriptures Project.

Interested in finding your congregation’s 12 most significant Scriptures? See this outline of the process.

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Terry Shue,
Director of leadership development

Several months ago I was preaching in a church, and I got to the congregation early, before anybody else was in the building. And there on the wall, I saw—one after another—framed Scripture texts that I started prayerfully reading. I realized that these texts were thoughtfully and carefully selected, and as I read them over and over, I finally met the pastor, who had arrived to meet me. I asked the pastor, “How did you arrive at these texts out of the whole Bible?” And he told me the story of how the congregation went through a process: they selected these 10 or 12 texts, and then they decided to place them in the lobby not only to reflect who they are as a congregation, but to shape a generation yet to come.

[The Twelve Scriptures Project]

We at Mennonite Church USA have a priority of Christian Formation. One of the tasks that I’ve been given is to call together a group that I’ve called the “Bible Dreaming Team” to help me explore how we can, as congregations across our land, develop more of a use of Scripture. One of the processes that came out of that is what we call the Twelve Scriptures Project. And in the Twelve Scriptures Project—for which you can see the link right below in On the Way—we have an outline for congregations to go through in developing and finding the texts that are their texts as a congregation.

What would it be like if all the congregations across our land would explore and find these texts that would not only reflect who they are, but could also shape the generations yet to come? What would it be like if we could share those texts and find out which ones are the most important for us as Mennonite Church USA congregations?

I invite you to go through this process as a congregation and to share the resulting Scriptures in your conference congregations as well as on our website. Then we could see them emerge as grassroots expressions of texts that God is using to shape the future as well as reflect who we are in Mennonite Church USA.

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