Mennonites are a Christian faith group that began in the 16th century. Currently there are over one million members world-wide. Mennonite beliefs and practices vary widely, but following Jesus in daily life is a central value, along with peacemaking. Menno Simons was an early prominent leader and eventually the group became known as “Mennonites” because of his name.

For a short video summary of Mennonite beliefs and practices, see the video below. Feel free to embed on your own Facebook page or website.  A 15-minute version on DVD, titled “Who are the Mennonites?” is also available as well as a “Who are the Mennonites?” brochure.

For a brief summary of beliefs adopted by Mennonite World Conference, see Shared Convictions.

Whether you’re doing a project for school, just surfing the web, trying to find out more about the history of the Mennonites, or searching for answers to faith questions: we’re glad you’ve dropped in.

Basic Beliefs

Brief introduction to some key emphases and beliefs of Mennonites, along with true short stories illustrating the particular belief.

The Naked Anabaptist, by Stuart Murray

Christians from many traditions in Great Britain and Ireland find inspiration and resources in the Anabaptist tradition.  Stuart Murray’s book, The Naked Anabaptist, explores how this 500-year-old tradition is relevant in today’s culture.

Anabaptist Seed
Key principles of Anabaptist thought.

Summary of the historical teachings and practices of Anabaptist Christians of the 16th century.

Menno Lite
A brief history for the young at heart

A brief history for the young, the young-at-heart, or anyone who wants an easier version of Mennonite history.


Frequently asked questions about Mennonites.

Mennonite Glossary

This dictionary of terms related to things Mennonite is not an exhaustive list; it was developed primarily from actual questions sent in from readers. If a term, doctrine or comparison group is not here, it means no one has asked that question yet.

Mennonites and Music
An Anabaptist Perspective on Music in Worship

Why do many people, when they hear the word “Mennonite,” think “music.” On these pages you’ll discover why.


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