Ministry Inquiry Program

A leadership program of Mennonite Church USA, the Ministry Inquiry Program provides opportunity for students at Mennonite Church USA colleges/universities to explore pastoral ministry.

What is the Ministry Inquiry Program?


MIP is an exciting opportunity for college-age young adults to test their gifts and explore their calling through a hands-on summer internship in a Mennonite Church USA congregation, camp or denominational agency. Participants usually work under the supervision of a pastor and are involved in many aspects of pastoral life and work. The MIP offers many placements for young adults to consider, including a wide range of congregations across MC USA.

“I loved being plopped down in the middle of a random, new community and told to make connections. It sounds like a daunting task, but as I began, I was welcomed and loved, experiencing Church as I’d never experienced before.”

– Luke Hertzler, 2019 MIP student intern at White Hall Mennonite and Ripple Churches, Allentown, Pa.


“The Ministry Inquiry Program helped me to be no longer afraid of public speaking. I feel very confident to pursue pastoral leadership roles in the near future. The seeds that have been planted in me will grow into mighty trees.”

– Justin Odom, 2019 MIP student intern at Park View Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, Va. L


“I have helped place many college students in congregations through the Ministry Inquiry Program for summer internships and I cannot remember a single student who has had a bad experience. Students are typically glowing when they return from their experience having found it extremely helpful in their vocational discernment for full-time ministry. Students have formed significant lasting relationships with their pastor-mentors and other members of the congregation in which they have served. I highly recommend the Ministry Inquiry Program for college students seeking a means of discernment regarding their calling to ministry.”

– Dr. Randall S. Keeler, Bluffton University