Climate justice recognizes the importance of caring for all God’s creation together with caring for people who experience the most harm from climate change. May we commit to being more faithful in caring for the gift of creation and one another.

This initiative is a partnership between Mennonite Church USA (MC USA), Mennonite Creation Care Network and the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions.


Engage with Climate Justice resources.

Watch the recording of our webinar, Caring for climate: Beyond denial and despair.

Many people are still in denial about the climate crisis and still others are in despair. How can congregational ministries help us navigate the myriad emotions we experience related to climate, moving us from inaction to hopeful engagement? Doug Kaufman and other Mennonite climate leaders Dr. Christy Miller Hesed, Dr. Sibonokuhle Ncube and Ken Pitts, discuss how people become involved in climate action, including why we are involved and how to help others get involved.

The webinar took place Thurs., Feb. 27. Meet and watch the panelists here.

Learn from people engaging with climate justice from across MC USA:

Read MC USA’s Creation Care Resolution from 2013.

It resolves for people within MC USA to “commit to growing in their dedication to care for God’s creation as an essential part of the good news of Jesus Christ.”


Resources to join in collective prayer.

Communion liturgy from Wild Church

This liturgy invites you to widen the table of communion to include the body of earth. Developed by Katerina Friesen for Wild Church, a community seeking to reconnect with God and all creation in their watershed.

Lament and Hope service

This service was created by Wendy Janzen for Burning Bush Forest Church, an outdoor worshipping community that meets year-round in natural spaces in and around Kitchener-Waterloo.

Creation Care liturgy

This service liturgy was created by Peace Mennonite Church in Claremont, California.

Pray for those who are most vulnerable among us and who are most impacted by climate change, including those who have already been displaced.

Pray for the waters, the plants, all living creatures and the earth with gratitude, that we may recognize their sacredness and participate in their restoration.

Pray that we will find the motivation to respond to climate change in our own lives, congregations and communities.

Pray for local, community and business leaders to help make communities healthier and greener while centering those who are vulnerable. Pray that our political leaders and world leaders would become more active in reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Pray for the youth and future generations, who will live with the growing consequences of climate change.


Opportunities for churches to engage with the issue in their homes, churches, communities and society.

    • New resource! Blueprints for climate action

    New Creation Care Action Plans provide strategies and resources to empower congregations to pursue creation care in their communities. There are four different plans to match your congregation’s journey. Developed by Katie Isaac as part of Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions’ Climate Futures Fellowship program.

      Join the Climate Ride

      Join the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions as we bring attention to the climate crisis.  This group of passionate young adults are crossing the country on bicycle in order to talk with communities and hear how climate change is affecting their communities.  Join their journey in learning about how climate change intersects with issues which are important to people’s lives.  

      Caring for God’s Earth: A hopeful response to the climate crisis

      “Caring for God’s Earth: A hopeful response to the climate crisis” is Friday evening to Saturday afternoon, May 7 – 8, 2021. The event includes both virtual and in-person components and will equip and give hope to current and developing church leaders. The day includes online plenary sessions and workshops as well as inspiring in-person field trips to explore climate action work being done in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Keynote speakers have years of experience in climate action and awareness, with Mennonite pastor Douglas Kaufman of Indiana and Brethren in Christ international development leader Dr. Sibonokuhle Ncube of Zimbabwe. Online sessions are free; field trips request $5 for included lunch. Sponsored by the Peace & Justice Committee of the Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Central Committee, and the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions. Information and registration at

      Advocate for Climate Justice:

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        Additional resources and suggestions:

        “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

        (2 Chronicles 7:13-14)