Learn Pray Join – Korea

Learn. Pray. Join.

With hope we pray for peace and clear minds for all leaders engaged in historic talks regarding the future of North and South Korea. This initiative invites MC USA members and congregations to:

Learn. During the month of May, commit to learning more about the history of the Korean Peninsula and the dynamics of tension and conflict there.

 PJSN’s Peace Lab podcast will feature an episode on North Korea in early May, exploring the history of tension and conflict in the region and what MC USA members can do to promote peace. Host Jason Boone will be joined by Sue Park-Hur and Joy Yoon, a friend and partner of ReconciliAsian who has served in North Korea on and off for more than a decade.

 Watch Dr. Lee’s webinar on the context, history, and hopes for the future of Korea here: mennoniteusa.org/dr-lee

Pray. Together with congregations across MC USA during worship on Sunday, May 20, pray for peace and clear minds for all leaders engaged in historic talks regarding the future of North and South Korea, and nuclear disarmament, using MCC’s “A prayer for peace in North Korea,” which is printed below.

• The bulletin insert can be found here.

• A prayer for peace in North Korea:

Dear Lord, send your Spirit to establish peace between nations.
We bring before you the disunity of Northeast Asia,
it’s history of injustice and oppression,
the fear of the unknown,
and now threats of nuclear war.
May your church be a voice of reason,
reaching across divides to speak peace in a region
that has endured 70 years of hostility and division.
Strengthen the will of those who work for reconciliation and peace.
Renew your church
And give us the peace which the world cannot give, Amen.

Prayer Video

Join. Consider ways you can actively promote peace in this region by:

Participating in the MCC U.S. Washington Office’s call to urge Congress to publicly support diplomacy with North Korea and carry the message to President Trump that engagement and dialogue with North Korea is the only way to move toward peace on the Korean peninsula. This action alert includes resources and more information.

Financially supporting the ongoing peacemaking efforts of MCC and Mission Network by donating here. Funds will be shared between the Korean Peacebuilding Institute, a partner of Mission Network, and MCC’s work in North Korea and South Korea.